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by Eastron | Aug 03, 2012

Cost efficient and customised solutions

EASTRON Trading and Development Agency is one of the most dynamically developing Hungarian IT companies. It has provided IT solutions for clients in numerous areas ranging from application development through electronic queue management system and workflow solutions to systems integration since its foundation in 1994. Throughout the years EASTRON has gained significant expertise in the fields of finance, telecommunication, manufacturing and power generation, yet its products and services can efficiently be used irrespective of the industry.

In many cases, business objectives cannot be accomplished with off-the-shelf software or basic corporate IT infrastructure alone; these systems must often be supplemented or linked to systems used to control technology during the manufacturing process.

shutterstockThe goal of EASTRON Ltd. is to design and create custom software and applications; to satisfy the special needs of companies present on the Hungarian and international markets with tailor-made or target applications. Our preparedness and technical expertise is well reflected by great number of custom software solutions and applications effectively assisting our clients’ work to this day.  

Our applications stand up to the most stringent regulations and hold their ground even in environments regulated by the strictest security provisions. Amongst others, our most significant reference projects were implemented for the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

Preparedness, know-how

Our young and highly experienced software developer team includes IT specialists, electrical and system engineers as well as programmers. The majority of our specialists have developer and/or systems administrator qualifications, such as:

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), Microsoft Certi­fied Application Developer (MCAD), Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), Mi­crosoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD),HP Accredited System Engineer (ASE), HiBS (Hirschmann Industrial Backbone Specialist) és HiPP (Hirschmann Industrial Product Professional)

Application development


komplexitasOur priority goal is to develop cost efficient and customised solutions in collaboration with the client that best meet their specific individual application development needs. For the most part, custom software development is carried out on the Microsoft platform, using Microsoft and Oracle technologies; however, our track record includes great results on other platforms (Linux, Android, WorkflowGen) as well. In the field of application development services, our client-oriented approach; the application of the most up-to-date technologies; development and project management methodologies based on international standards and a regularly further-trained developer team together guarantee reliability and the highest possible quality for all our clients and partners.

Characteristics of application development projects

  • Prior to software development, we precisely assess client expectations and needs and make our recommendations for implementation and technology.
  • We determine project scope and formulate our final recommendation for a solution.
  • We then prepare and present the demo version and prototype of the requested application before commencing final development.
  • We compile a task break-down for the approved plan, detailing the units to be developed as well as setting up a time schedule. We appoint a project manager and developers and determine milestones.
  • We perform all our developments in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • Our clients receive continuous updates on the development status of the custom software ordered. Upon reaching the milestones, we hand over the completed project phase and provide simultaneous training if required. 
  • We check finished applications using factory (developer) tests and only hand over software for client testing if it passes these tests.
  • Upon handing over the software, we prepare performance certificates or delivery-acceptance protocols.
  • The hand-over and introduction of the system happens according to plan; following user, operator and administrator-level training. During trial run, system operations can be tested live.
  • We prepare detailed system documentation (as well as developer documentation) in accordance with the system established.
  • If required, we prepare we programme module-level developer descriptions for software developers as part of developer documentation in order to support enhancement of the system, and we also document the source code for the completed software system.
  • If required, we provide several years of support for our applications. We also undertake the performance of operation, support, enhancement and maintenance tasks related to partly or fully custom developed systems.

Mobile applications


osszerakjuk_megoldjukThe fact that smartphones have become increasingly popular and have gained significant ground has opened up new opportunities for our clients to increase efficiency. With the use of a given mobile client, existing and newly developed applications become significantly more accessible than before. The mobile applications developed and integrated by us primarily provide smartphone access to existing systems, but at the same time, the number of our new mobile developments is also increasing constantly.

Microsoft SharePoint

Using Microsoft SharePoint technology, our company provides reliable IT support for our clients’ business processes:

SharePoint is Microsoft’s teamwork supporting web-based portal system, through which company employees can access collectively used and edited information and documents on a standard interface. The use of teamwork software allows time and resources to be saved while, at the same time, increasing the quality of work.

Application development reference works

Projects implemented at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant

For more than 20 years, EASTRON specialists have been playing a significant role in developing custom software for nuclear safety-related and servicing IT systems. Having nuclear power plant supplier and developer qualification certificates, we develop solutions in line with the objectives of the projects we win which— conforming to current technical and official requirements—maintain and increase the safety and security of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in an integrated manner. 

The developments of the technological/interactive systems introduced by us at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant typically have the following characteristics:

  • Secure, redundant computer configurations – typically supplied by EASTRON as a prime contractor, configured as a whole along with the software system;
  • Secure network communication, using both standard and custom protocols;
  • Establishment of continuous-operation critical systems, with ‘real-time’ programming, using standard toolsets if necessary;
  • Security-related—close to technology—systems are often implemented as part of turnkey, complex projects. In such cases, deliveries are supplemented by high-reliability computer configurations and custom developed dedicated hardware delivered by EASTRON as a prime contractor, completely configured along with the developed software system;
  • The use of relational databases is typical of technical IT systems;  user interfaces contain solutions individually adapted to needs; 
  • Secure network communication, using both standard and custom protocols;
  • System plans prepared in accordance with project quality assurance objectives; technical and execution plans and implementation documentation; 
  • Use of project management and quality control methods in line with client processes.

Bank Front-Office (home banking) applications

Multi-channel client communication (phone, fax, web, SMS, WAP, mobile phone, IVR integration), robust Back-Office integration with custom protocols.

Integrated crude oil balance systems

Systems established at the MOL Hungarian Oil & Gas Company Plc., with production management/ data collection system connection.

Preparation of monthly and daily crude oil balances and reports on the Microsoft platform with Oracle and SAP integration.

Custom workflow systems in public administration and production companies

Data consolidation central portal development on Oracle and Microsoft platforms. (Gyula local government, National Office of Cultural Heritage – central portal and search engine)

Human workflow systems

Electronic support for custom business and administrative processes for several national and foreign companies.

File and document-handling systems, alignment with workflow systems

Independently and closely integrated design with other systems, based on individual requirements. 

Client control systems

With up-to-date, central control and web-based implementation, using artificial intelligence and assignable services.

Complex custom systems, system integration

  • Using programmed interfaces and standard protocols through a data communication interface. On several platforms, with the help of a database manager (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, OpenVMS, open-source applications, mainframe computers).
  • Data consolidation, data cleaning.
  • Custom workflow systems in public administration and production companies.
  • Central portal development on Oracle and Microsoft platforms.
  • Custom developments requiring special algorithms and display devices – machine tool and parts manufacturing, quality control system, GSM station/network planning and configuration management system, electric car engine simulator. 

Servicing of management information systems, business intelligence

Database management according to special database planning and establishment aspects; data loading and migration tasks. Various management report and dashboard interfaces.

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