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WorkflowGen – EastDoc

The key factor to success of a Workflow / BPM project is the human. Implementing a technology is only a way to achieve business goals, it should not be the project itself. WorkflowGen is designed and constantly improved to help all the participants of the process optimization project to achieve business goals swiftly by making the technology as transparent as possible.
WorkflowGen is the only workflow / BPM product to offer a process lifecycle management environment that enables both Business Users and IT People to maximize their respective skills. Business Users use tools that enable them to quickly materialize the forms and business rules without any programming skills. Then, if necessary, IT People can enhance this initial process version by adding complex integration functions and/or transforming the web form into a sophisticated web app.



Maximized productivity

With WorkflowGen initiating a process, performing an action, delegating a task, filling out a form, sharing comments is just one click away. The WorkflowGen portal offers end-users a single point of access to intuitively and securely navigate through the company forms and workflows. As we live in a mobile world, end-users can also stay tuned with the corporate processes wherever they are by using a smartphone, the WorkflowGen iPhone app or simply by accessing their emails.  



Real-time monitoring

By accessing the WorkflowGen portal via a PC or an iPhone, the Supervisors can easily and quickly track the status of the workflows. Each steps of the processes as well as the associated documents are available for review or action.
The Supervisors can customize the portal to immediately access the most important processes and display real-time statistics. Of course the multi-criteria search enables them to immediately access the relevant data.
They can also perform workflow actions via email by using any smartphone.


Business Analysts

Powerful workflow definition

Once the process requirements are clearly defined on paper, 90% of the job is done. Now the easy part begins with the WorkflowGen graphical workflow designer. The advanced workflow features let you automate processes that really reflects how the organization works (assignments, notifications, sub-processes, action synchronization, web services etc). 

System Architects

Total integration4

WorkflowGen seamlessly fit with your existing infrastructure. User management is synchronized with the company directory and are authenticated with Active Directory, SSO or other systems. The proceses can communicate with legacy applications via web services and connectors offered with WorkflowGen or that can be developed for SAP, SQL, Sharepoint, etc...  

Technical Administrators

Start small, grow without limits


WorkflowGen technical architecture enables you to respond to business demands with serenity. It offers exceptional scalability (web farms, database farms, archiving modules) that can handle the most intensive usage. The process versioning facilitates change management and accelerates the go-live procedure. The precise right management enables you to secure the administration of the workflows and therefore facilitates the compliance to regulations. 

EastDoc and FileFolder Modules

6WorkflowGen from ADVANTYS provides the modern platform for efficient Workflow management with rich functionality ranging from a graphical process definition tool  to real-time process monitoring, realized by an intuitive web based interface, called the User  Portal and Administration Module.
Although WorkflowGen may be used without EastDoc and FileFolder Modules, one can only benefit the real power of a complete solution covering both workflow management and form/document management if EastDoc and FileFolder Modules are also installed.
EastDoc and FileFolder Modules are optional document management add-ons developed by EASTRON Ltd. to complement the data management functionality of WorkflowGen. EastDoc and FileFolder provide streamlined management of forms and e-Documents without any additional programming.

WorkflowGen Integration with EastDoc and FileFolder Modules

6+(1)EastDoc is a framework for definition and presentation of electronic forms that integrate tightly with WorkflowGen. EastDoc communicates all necessary information with WorkflowGen and provides controlled, consistent, rapid and efficient development of forms for workflows implemented in WorkflowGen. EastDoc has a built-in graphical form7 editor module which eliminates the need for other programming tools (SDKs) while building the forms.
All user data and related documents can be handled by the unified framework of EastDoc – this way the time needed for development, testing, and occasional modification is significantly reduced. Complex forms are made up by using a predefined set of panels – the building blocks – that can handle a given type of information, so the user can easily create his own forms to be used later by WorkflowGen.

8FileFolder Module is a unique panel of EastDoc with all the specific functionality needed for management of e-Documents that are attached to different actions of the given workflow. The FileFolder panel provides usual document and records management operations (check-in/-out, logging, version control, document filing, etc). Besides these, this module provides the connectivity to external document and records management systems as well.

EastDoc Form Management Functions

Form Definition Interface

EastDoc is based on the EFORMASPX functionality of WorkflowGen. ASPX web pages that display the data related to the given action of a workflow are dynamically created from the XML definition of EastDoc forms. The hierarchy of EastDoc forms is: Form>Panel>Control, which means that during the definition phase we only have to specify the panels that the form should be built of.
The basic set of panels with general functionality is as follows:

  • Control Panel, containing dynamically created data fields (text, numeric, date/time, combo box, radio and checkboxes, list)
  • Submit Panel, notifying the end of an action, it can also define the direction of continuation
  • Approval Panel, that is used for the approval of the given action
  • FileFolder Panel, for displaying attached documents
  • Header Panel, for simple data and design elements that are used for localization and personalization
  • Information Panel
  • Deadline Panel
  • Help Panel

In addition to these predefined panels, one can develop and integrate other panels with special functions if needed.
Many attributes of the basic controls used by these panels are customisable; they can be configured to be visible, editable or required, they can have validity range of values or can handle cascaded list depending on the current values of the appropriate variables of WorkflowGen. The dependency relations of the fields (field value limits, cross-dependence) can be specified during the definition of the form.

Graphical Form Editor

EastDoc has its own graphical form editor, that is used for creating, editing and management of versions (list all, copy) of our forms. The interface makes possible to set the different properties (width, the number of columns on a Control Panel, etc) of the individual panels or controls, the validation rules and cross-dependencies.
Even the appearance of forms can be customized: the module provides an opportunity to associate the individual components with their own style sheet class.
EastDoc form definitions created by this graphical editor are saved in XML files that can also be edited by conventional text editors, too.

EastDoc at a glance

  • 42 prebuilt form fields
  • AJAX support
  • Managing dependencies between fields
  • Controlled data entry
  • Complex user forms
  • No need for programming

FileFolder at a glance

  • Permissions Management
  • Version management of documents
  • Check-in / Check-out support
  • Logging, history

Data Connectivity

  • Database of WorkflowGen
  • Proprietary business databases
  • External systems (e.g. CRM, SAP) through Web Services or Database Views, etc.

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